Testimonials From Patients/Clients

Thank you Dr. Ramona Shires for helping me to regain my physical, mental and spiritual health during treatment for cancer.  After many months of traditional and holistic treatment I am overjoyed to say I am cancer free.  My traditional medical doctors are happily surprised by the results I have experienced, while my friends and family are ecstatic, and Dr. Shires is confident.  I continue to see Dr. Shires to ensure I remain the healthiest version of me possible, and am for ever thankful for her kindness, professionalism and healing abilities.  

Diana T., 12/4/18

I’m 56 and have suffered from IBS since I was a young girl. When I was 10 years old, I was hospitalized for what was diagnosed as a “nervous stomach”. Over the years I tried everything from laxatives, fiber, exercise, dietary changes…my first colonoscopy at age 40 is when I finally had a diagnosis…Irritable Bowel Syndrome accompanied with constipation. Lucky me! The years continued with times that I couldn’t stand up, the cramping was so intense. Many times I would find myself having to lie down on the floor in my office until the pain subsided or I was able to drive and leave work early.


My PCP has had me taking Miralax every morning for the last 7 years or so, which did provide major relief. Every year when I had my annual 10 minutes with her, I would ask if it was ok to keep taking it and she would simply say “if it works then keep taking it, no harm done”.  I had been growing concerned recently over taking this powdered drink mix filled with preservatives every day of my life so that I can go to the bathroom, not ideal for sure.


In the meantime, my husband has completely different issues as he suffers from a condition that is called statin-induced myalgia. At the end of his rope, he agreed to see a Naturopath at NUHS here in Chicagoland. He experienced such a tremendous improvement that I decided I would give this woman a shot.


This is when I met Ramona Shires! Best day of both of our lives is when she came into them. My first visit was on April 23, 2018 and it lasted over two hours! This was the most thorough doctor visit I have ever had, my whole body was discussed. I was put on some natural supplements that can be purchased over the counter or on Amazon, nothing crazy expensive and asked to provide a two week record of my diet and all medical records. This was easy since everything is online now and my “lose it” app tracks all of the food I eat.  Now just 3 ½ months later, I am a completely new person. I am off the Miralax, I eat fruit every day, I take my supplements and drink lots of water and I POOP regularly! With Ramona moving back to FL… I will miss her conversation and knowledge about the whole body. She is very smart and has a great bedside manner. My husband and I are planning to retire to Central FL and look forward to seeing Ramona in New Smyrna Beach! If you take anything away from my story….do this, call Ramona and tell her what ails you, I am 100% positive that she can help you.


Sherry G, 8/4/2018

I’m 59 and have Coronary Artery Disease. In my 40’s I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. My doctor put me on a drug called Lipitor. Naturally I trusted my doctor so I took the drug without really thinking about the potential side effects. I took the drug for a couple of years. Just before age 50, I experienced severe muscle pain. When it happened there was no diagnosis, just a barrage of testing to include parvo, leukemia, Lyme disease, depression, rheumatoid arthritis and was eventually sent to a pain management clinic where I received a series of shots costing $800! This went on over the course of 7 years with my hospital group running up $1000’s of dollars in personal and insurance bills, all the while they were unwilling to attribute my condition to the statin damage.

At this point, inflammation and joint pain had gotten so bad that I was unable to walk my dogs without experience shooting pains in my feet and ankles. This led me to a podiatrist for some more unnecessary testing and bills. I was experiencing severe muscle skeletal pain in varying locations of my body after having discontinued the statin drugs for some time. I would awake in the morning in so much pain that I didn’t want to get out of bed, which fed a diagnosis of suspected depression. Unwilling to accept this and take their depression medications, I gave up and separated myself from my doctors accepting my permanent condition of being in pain. Many years later, this condition is currently diagnosed as statin-induced myalgia and the medical community has no known cure. They throw things at it like depression medication which is not my idea of a fix.


I was not a believer in holistic medicine but threw my hands up and agreed to go to a naturopath out of desperation and frustration. After meeting with Ramona for an evaluation and her prescribing the “magic beans”, I experienced near immediate relief. I began to wake in the morning without the musculoskeletal pain. I followed her diet and exercise program, in just a matter of weeks I recovered to a quality of life which I had thought was long since gone and have maintained that to date. I have gone from a pain level of 10 to a level of 1 or 2 in just a few weeks and it has maintained itself for several months now. I am eternally grateful to NUHS, Ramona and Dr. Hamilton. I am so sorry that I wasn’t led to this path many years ago.


Bob G, 8/4/2018

Note:  Some testimonials were given while Dr. Ramona Shires was an intern at NUHS practicing under a licensed physician in the state of Illinois.  Therefore, during that time they were considered patients.  However in Florida, naturopathic medicine is not licensed and Dr. Ramona Shires does not practice medicine.  She only acts in a consulting capacity utilizing her education in naturopathic medicine and therefore uses the term clients to refer to the people she sees in Florida as she helps them achieve their best health.