Oncology Support

Dr. Shires’ Journey


In 1996, Dr. Shires was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Cervical Carcinoma.  She underwent a radical hysterectomy including a radical lymphadenectomy.  She was put on a thiazide drug for swelling which over the next 7 years continually depleted her of magnesium and potassium causing fibromyalgia symptoms.  She also had gout symptoms in one of her knees.  In 2001, she learned about Edgar Cayce and his remedies.  Many of these natural remedies, including castor oil packs and aromatherapy, helped her manage the problems from the gout and decreased lymphatic function.  In 2003, she had chronic sciatica which was made worse by the magnesium deficiency which she figured out after being given a supplement, Calm, by her chiropractor.  Through daily supplementation of magnesium and potassium, she was able to reverse her fibromyalgia symptoms. 


It wasn’t until 2012, 16 years later, that she found Cherry Fruit Extract, a botanical supplement, to treat the gout in her knee.  However, by that time the damage was already done.  In early 2013 her damaged meniscus in the gouty knee caused her to fall, not only further damaging her knee but also tearing her rotator cuff.  Two surgeries later, on both the knee and shoulder, she realized that she wouldn’t be returning to work anytime soon and decided to follow her dream of becoming a naturopathic doctor.


In 2014, as Dr. Shires was completing her prerequisite classes for naturopathic medical school, she was diagnosed with rare cancer, Stage 3 Pleomorphic Liposarcoma. She underwent two surgeries and received 5 weeks of radiation.  Knowing more about the power of natural healing than she did with the first cancer, she integrated natural supplements, diet and other lifestyle changes throughout her treatment and, as a result, she recovered well! She continues to recover from her treatments and remains dedicated to an integrative prevention of recurrence plan.


She is committed to helping others through the journey of dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  Her first experience was at age 34 and then age 50.  She’s been through the emotional ups and downs of being diagnosed with cancer and going through the process of treatments, surgery and restoration. 


What is oncology support?


Oncology support uses the six guiding principles of natural medicine for people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Those principles focus on using the least invasive, least toxic, and most effective treatments; helping the body to heal itself; identifying and removing the underlying causes of disease; teaching and empowering patients to facilitate their healing and improve their health; supporting the whole person, not just treating the disease; and focusing on wellness and the prevention of disease.  Dr. Ramona understands the importance of these principles and can educate clients on a variety of different natural modalities, including botanical medicine, nutrition, physical medicine, mind-body medicine, homeopathy, vitamins and supplements, bio-energetics and counseling to support their healing process.


Does Dr. Ramona work with conventional medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists?


Yes, she does!  A large percentage of people decide to undergo conventional cancer treatment, whether that’s surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and/or treatment with biologic medications. These treatments can often have adverse side effects. Natural oncology support can help clients by mitigating these side effects to help them stay healthier during and after treatment. Dr. Ramona can help people reduce nausea, improve their appetite, maintain their strength, and improve their quality of life and ability to take part in their regular activities. In many cases, natural modalities may also reduce the need to delay treatment because the side effects have become too severe.


Conventional medicine is very good at killing cancer cells, but less effective at preventing their return and keeping the people healthy during treatment. That’s what natural oncology support offers people. When we work as a team with your physicians to help with conventional cancer care, people get the best of both approaches for better outcomes and better overall health during and after treatment. Conventional cancer treatments take a heavy toll on the body and it’s important to restore a person’s immune system and other organs to return to health.

Oncology Support Consultation (120 mins / $249)

Follow-up consultations (varies)


Follow up consultations are scheduled according to your needs and the complexity of issues a client faces. The pricing is for established clients that have been seen in the past. The visit can range from 15 mins to 1 hr, depending on the complexity of the health issues. The cost of the follow-visits is based on the amount of time and/or complexity of the visit.


$45 (brief/15 min), $75 (regular/30 min), $100 (extended/45 min), $135 (comprehensive/60 min)



Thank you Dr. Ramona Shires for helping me to regain my physical, mental and spiritual health during treatment for cancer.  After many months of traditional and holistic treatment I am overjoyed to say I am cancer free. 


My traditional medical doctors are happily surprised by the results I have experienced, while my friends and family are ecstatic, and Dr. Shires is confident. 


I continue to see Dr. Shires to ensure I remain the healthiest version of me possible, and am for ever thankful for her kindness, professionalism and healing abilities.  

Diana T., 12/4/18